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Speech and Language Therapy

Embracing neurodiverse communication

I provide neurodivergent-affirming speech and language services to children and youth in Southern Maine. We do not all think, act or communicate in the same way, so I will always meet each child where they are at in order to help them develop and access their optimal speech and language skills.

About Me...


I graduated in 2008 from MGH Institute of Health Professions

with a Master's in Speech-Language Pathology. I have worked with clients across the age span and in a variety of settings. For the past couple years, I have worked primarily with neurodiveregnt school-aged kids, both privately and within the public school setting. 

In addition, I am also a parent to neurodivergent kids, which has given me am invaluable perspective! I am committed to learning from the neurodivergent community in regard to both my practice and personal life.

Christin Keegan, MS, CCC-SLP

Certifications/Areas of Interest

  • Get Konnected: Neuro-Affirmative Social Support (AUsome Training)

  • Let's UNMASC: Understanding Needs and Motivations of Autistic Social Communication(Learn, Play, Thrive, LLC)

  • Authentic AAC (Learn, Play, Thrive, LLC)

  • Gestalt Language Processing

  • Executive function 

  • Social Language

  • ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence

  • Licensed in Maine and Massachusetts

What we work on in Speech Therapy

Expressive/Receptive Language

Expressing and understanding thoughts, feelings and ideas. Includes production/comprehension of words, sentences and/or conversation.

Executive Function Skills

Our brain's "management" system. This includes attention, memory, planning, organization and problem solving.

Social Language

Gaining knowledge around our own rules/preferences for social interaction and how to most effectively utilize this knowledge within our social environment/s. This includes self-awareness, self-advocacy, perspective-taking, and navigating relationships and conflicts.


Production and coordination of speech sounds, words, and/or sentences with mouth. This includes working on specific movements of oral structures (e.g. lips, tongue), speech sound rules, and oral-motor and respiratory coordination.

Neuro-affirming Social Groups

Our groups provide neurodivergent kids with a safe space to develop important "social skills" while having fun with like-minded peers!


  • Consultation: Free 15 minute consultation to determine if my services are a good fit for you. Consultations take place over the phone or through video chat.

  • Assessment: Speech and language assessment to help identify needs. Includes: Parent/caregiver interview, records review, any appropriate informal and/or formal speech-language assessments, written evaluation. Assessments take place in client's home or remotely when appropriate.

  • Treatment: 50-minute child-led therapy sessions, designed with goals determined by testing interpretation and the parent and child's input. These sessions take place at home or remotely (when appropriate). 

  • Neuro-affirming Social Groups - Come enjoy an activity/game/craft with or along-side a new friend! Did you know that we don't all play the same way, but we DO all need social interaction? This group is a safe space where kids can explore different interests in their own unique way around other like-minded peers. Each participant is in charge of whether or not they engage in an activity and in what way. ALL forms of play are honored and celebrated here! Social groups are held in person. 

  • School/daycare consultations and education sessions available - please reach out for details and pricing. 

 Now accepting: Anthem of Maine, Aetna,

& MaineCare

insurance plans. 

Superbill provided upon request to access out of network benefits with other insurance plans.


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