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About Christin...

Christin Keegan, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Therapist

ADHD Life Coach

Education & experience

I’ve been a speech therapist for 13 years. I graduated from MGH Institute for Health Professions in 2008 and have worked with clients across the age span and in a variety of settings. I am a certified ADHD Life Coach, primarily working with kids, teens and families that are affected by ADHD, who want to improve their lives. I received my certification from the iACT Center in 2022 and have spent the last year coaching kids and parents. 


My kids are absolutely my biggest inspiration. These kiddos have taught me so much. I’ve learned what it means for a child to surpass his peers in some skills, while at the same time being years behind in others. That a child may charm her teachers and then come home and fall apart from crumbling self-esteem. That many common discipline methods taught to us parents may not be so simple (or even possible) when ADHD and Autism come into play. My kids have inspired me to learn as much as I can about various aspects of neurodivergence and bring this knowledge into my practice.


I strive to support kids, teens and parents to make positive changes that will have meaningful and lasting impacts on their home, school, and/or work lives.


About services...


Speech Therapy

Speech therapy services include consultation, evaluation and treatment of communication difficulties. A brief description of this process:

  • Consultation - We will discuss the types of supports you are looking for and I will share more about my services and book an evaluation based on the needs described. 

  • Evaluation - Includes a detailed intake and records review, an in-depth assessment of the communication areas in question, and a written report with an information/planning session scheduled afterward as needed. 

  • Treatment - Here is where we dive into addressing the communication goals identified in the speech evaluation. Treatment session length and frequency will be scheduled based on the individual client's needs. 

Areas treated include the following: 

  • Executive function skills

  • Social Language


ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is a unique approach, which puts the client in control of their goals and how they get there. The coach's role is to be there to listen, guide, and create opportunities for a deeper understanding. ADHD coaching has a few key components:


Clarity: We work together to find the goals that matter most and what is getting the way of these goals. We will uncover strengths and develop strategies that will help clients succeed.

Planning: I support my clients in mapping out an effective and achievable plan that gets them closer to where they want to be. Small, step-by-step goals help to increase success!

Accountability: I will help find ways of clients can check-in with themselves and others that are most comfortable to them. We will also create other supports that will help to move their plan forward.

Children, teens and families  affected by ADHD may benefit from coaching support for:

  • Finding focus

  • Organizing homework

  • Time management

  • Friendships/relationships

  • Motivation/initiation


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