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Social Groups

Image by Austin Pacheco

Social Groups - Winter/Spring 2023

Social groups empower kids and teens to develop self-awareness and advocacy skills, set their own goals and practice skills while having fun with peers!

Play Groups for kids (ages 8-11): Come enjoy an activity and make connections with some new friends!  Through different activities, we will explore how each of our unique brains helps us to experience the world and connect with each other.

Coaching Groups for Teens (ages 12+)

A teens social world can be a complicated place! This group aims to make some sense of it by exploring our unique values, learning about and advocating for what we need, as well as navigating disagreements in friendships. There will be weekly discussion topics, goal setting/accountability, and a choice of activities.

*Groups are small and facilitated by a speech-language pathologist.

*New groups are formed based on availability, ages and preferences of registrants.

*All registrants and/or responsible adult must participate in a 15-minute consultation to be considered for a group.


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