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Speech Therapy

What to expect..

Speech therapy services include consultation, evaluation and treatment of communication difficulties. A brief description of this process:

1. Consultation - We will discuss the types of supports you are looking for and I will share more about my services and book an evaluation based on the needs described. 

2. Evaluation - Includes a detailed intake and records review, an in-depth assessment of the communication areas in question, and a written report with an information/planning session scheduled afterward as needed. 

3. Treatment - Here is where we dive into addressing the communication goals identified in the speech evaluation. Treatment session length and frequency will be scheduled based on the individual client's needs. ​

Areas Treated..

  • Executive function skills - attention, memory, and problem solving.

  • Social language - how the client interacts with others including, but not limited to, establishing a connection, advocating for needs, and perspective taking.   

I offer client-centered support for:



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